Work in Progress in the “Cornacchie Valley”

luca parisse
Ph Roberto Parisse ©Risk4Sport, Climber Luca Parisse, “Carne Tremula 7c+”

During  a three days bouldering my crew and I had to opened about twenty new boulders.

We are working on a difficult project, and soon you will know everything.

Now I can say that there are about 2 thousand of boulders that are waiting to climb.

We had opened about 200 boulders between 4 to 8a+.

There are two new hard and crazy line: Carne Tremula 7c+ (first ascent Luca) and “La Sbranda” 7c

We are waiting for repetition!

Now we can look the newest pictures!


Ph Matteo “Ruanda”, Climber Luca Parisse, Hard Project?
Ph. Luca Parisse, climber Matteo “Ruanda”, Cavalletto’s Project
Ph. Luca Parisse ©Risk4Sport, Climber Damiano Capulli, La Sbranda 7c
Ph. Luca Parisse, Climber Roberto Parisse, La Sbranda 7c


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