Shooting with Smoke Bombs

luca parisse

During the last photo shooting for the local bike park, I used “smoke bombs” to create a mystic atmosphere.

I shot many times using smoke machine but in this situation the machine with the generator was impossible to carry due to its weight.

So I bought smoke bombs in different colours: blue and green.

They are light and easy to use: a simple lighter is needed to activate them.

The only problem is that they only last 60/90 seconds so it is very difficult to shot the same rider multiple times beacuse the bombs leave no time to climb back the ramp.

Indeed, I needed 4 of theese bombs to get 3/4 good photos.

Together with the bombs I used the portable flash: my inseparable companion, the Elinchrome ELB500.

I arranged the light with the 45° diffuser about 2 meters before the ramp so Mirko started to move the smoke bombs in order to obtain the right smoke diffusion. When we got the desired atmosphere, the athlete started to jump. 

It was very difficult to obtain proper pictures because it was not possible to test the exposure and the rider position simultaneously. 

I only had a couple of shots per smoke session.

Shooting with smoker bombs was really fun and the result was nothing bad.

The main problem is that they are a bit expensive: about 6/7 € per bomb.