Ten years ago L’Aquila (Abruzzo, Italy), my city,  was struck by a dreadful earthquake.

I have never had the courage to take pictures of such destruction.

Today I have finally found the motivation to express through my camera all the anger, sadness and the desire for rebirth that I have felt inside since that day.

An important project that wants to keep a high level of attention on some places that are symbols of abandon in my beloved city.

Renatas Trial Biker professional has been fundamental for the achievement of this project 

Having a big obstacle ahead that stops the path, studying it, analyzing it and getting through it, that is the meaning of Trial Bike. That is the meaning of the project.

Jumping over the obstacle and looking ahead to the future, but without forgetting the past.

This is the motto of my project.

A complex project, both for the idea and for its fulfillment.

Technical acts carried to the extremes often with the impossibility to repeat the same shot because too dangerous for Renatas.

Riding Death in town, a jump toward the future!

Luca Parisse