Photo Workshop: How to manage as photographer Outdoor Events focused on Action Sports

luca parisse

The workshop was in collaboration with L’Aquila Mountain Festival. A great event about mountain sports. During 3 days 40000 people visited the village in the center of L’Aquila city. A lot of guys have performed in action sports such as: mtb, highline, climbing.

A great occasion to organized a photo workshop.

Slackliner: Valerio De Luca Photo: Luca Parisse

Day One: lesson at “70-200 Collective Studio”  

I introduced guys to the incredible words of big events such as olympic ceremonies through my personal experiences.

I spoke about to manage a big events.

Then the  focus was on Action sports: how to study an unknown sport, how to analyze the spot, how to Establish a relationship with the athlete, how important is the safety in action sports and others things about my experience into this world.

Then I talked about the equipment I use in sports photography, such as ultrasonic lens, trigger for remote camera and flash, professional flash.

At the end i introduced F-stop gear and how is important to use a professional backpack in adventure shooting. I talked about the  F-stop ICU system.



Day 2: practice activities at L’Aquila Mountain Festival

Students have taken some f-stop products to test such as: Loka UL, LotusHarney Pounch, Navin and some lens barrel.

We started with climbing shooting during the qualification round of Italian Bouldering Cup.

In the late morning I organized a shooting with some mtb riders at the pump track.

I talked about remote flash photography using the elinchrome skyport plus hs system and Quadra HS flash head.

Then I explained  how to take a best shoot to the highline walkers.

During the photo session we photographed some guys that walked on very long ropes ( around 50m) positioned on the moat of the sixteenth century castle. I shot some pictures with the remote flash.

At the end of the day the guys took photos at the Aerial Dance Show.





Rider: Vito Damiano Fabellini Photo: Luca Parisse
Rider: Gianluca Di Bartolomeo Photo: Luca Parisse




dancer: Sheila Verdi Photo: Luca Parisse

Day 3: lesson at “70-200 collective studio”  

In the morning i analyzed some shoots of the day before and i explained about how to selected the pictures using Adobe Lightroom and how to choose the right pictures for a best reportage.

Then i talk about some tips for postproduction and how to export the pictures for web.

After the lesson we went to the Mountain Festival for a free shooting activity finalized to the photo contest.

At lunch break i organized a raffle with some products offered by F-stop gear.

At the end of the day the guys were very tired but very satisfied!

Stay tuned for the best pictures of the photo contest!

Thanks to Pietro Rossi (70-200 Collective Sudio) for backstage photos and logistic support.





Photo: Luca Parisse

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