Monte Calvo Bike Shooting

luca parisse

Yesterday I and my brothers Roberto went to try outdoor the new equipment during a bike tour.
The tour start at 10:00 from Santi (L’Aquila Italy) and finished at 16:00 in the same place.
We arrived by car at the “Monte Calvo Antennas Tower”. From this place we arrived by 2 Kona Coilair delux 2008 MTB about 150 vertical meters from the summit of Mountain Calvo (1898m).
During the bike tour we used all the equipment available. We drove long distances by a deep snow stretch!

The downhill was very long, we made very nice shots, the scenery was really beautiful!

I tested the new flash kit “Elinchrom Rander Quadra standard set A head” carried in a Dakine Sequence Photo backpack.
I am very pleased with the great portability of this kit: The Ranger Quadra AS is a compact portable 400 Ws battery flash system for studio and outdoor use. A perfect battery flash system for anybody who like un-plugged (not connected to the mains) photography. The RQ System offers “Action Freezing” flashduration with fast flash recycling time and also un-plugged (wireless) trigger and remote options.
The set content:

The total weight is about 3,600 kg
The Ranger Quadra system work with Elinchrom Skyport wireless Trigger.
I work also with Pocket Wizzrd plus II but the EL Skiport Trasmitter have a Buttons to change flash power settings of RX units and to switch Modelling lamp on/off. It is more important in difficult outdoor situation.

Lens and Camera equipment:

  • 1× eos 5d mk II
  • 1× EF 24mm ts-e
  • 1× Canon EF 24-105mm f4 L
  • Sigma 12-24mm f4-5,6
  • 1× B+W Kaesemann Circular Polarized (mounted on 24-105mm)

I used also a lightweight tripod: Manfrotto Nano 5oo1b (only 0.93 kg!).

The lens, the camera, the tripod and the accessories (battery, filter, etc) are carried in Dakine Mission Photo backpack.

Look the gallery!

2 thoughts on “Monte Calvo Bike Shooting

  1. hi guys! Very nice report and great weater conditions…
    6 hours! mhhhhh we are so slow eheheh
    Bella fra', co' tutta st'attrezzatura ci vuole n'altra sciacallata: lasciatemi il solito tavolino sotto la finestra.
    Il blog non è niente male… Non lo devi lasciare in abbandono però; vogliamo vedere frequenti aggiornamenti

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