“Leila, the Land of Imagination”

“Leila, the Land of Imagination” was the Riyadh Season Grand Finale show created by Balich Worldwide Shows. BWS was chosen as General Entertainment Authority’s strategic partner for this gigantic show to celebrate the future of Saudi society with its strong roots and fulfilling lives.

The essence of being Saudi has been captured by a curious, adventurous and dreamy 10-year old girl, main character of the show: her name, Leila, is a word which means “Daughter of the night” in Arabic and is often given to girls born in the night-time.

Leila represents the symbol of the new Saudi generation living a changing reality getting closer to Vision 2030. Leila is on a journey through the beauties of her land, sparkling in the dark under a starry sky. In a one-night dream, Leila has led the audience into the secrets of her land, through their main elements: the moon, the land, the water, the colors.

Before her eyes, Saudi Arabia unfolds as the land of imagination, where she discovers that everything is possible and that the future is in her hand, carved in its lines but also in the lines of her land.

The set design was inspired by Saudi Arabia’s heterogeneous essence of mountainous, desert, volcanic and coastal nature. The show has counted 488 performers, more than 600 costumes and 250 props pieces.

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Creative and Executive Production
Balich Worldwide Shows