L’Aquila Climbing Festival 1-4 Augost 2012

luca parisse

4 Days rich in incredible action were filled in L’Aquila central square.

The event was a great success thanks to a large and enthusiastic audience!

these were the numbers of the event:
about 150 athletes from around the world;

about 4,000 spectators for 4 nights;

about 200 children and young people who have tried to climb on the walls provided by chapter and during the event;

about 30 volunteers who have permission to live great emotions at all, and bring back life into a square, the Duomo in L’Aquila, which now lies dying mostly abandoned by its citizens, but last night showed that the city is alive and welcomes with enthusiasm the events.

the sports club “El Cap” was able to invite important champions such as Rustam Gelmanov, Sean Mccool, Guillaume Mondet, Melanie Sandoz, athletes who are in the top 10 in world rankings climbing boulder specialty

The Festival was start with two days about Mountain theme with the participation of Christoff Hainz.

on day 3 and 4 there were competitions rich in action and entertainment.

More than 100 athlete competed in the open qualify.
The best was the Roberto Parisse from L’Aquila, after him Francesco Vettorata e Cittadini Matteo were placed.

The day 4 was the most important.

the best in the world have fought the first positions.


Sean Mccool (CAN) was the best in the first run, after him the kazakhstan Gelmanov, Garbry Moroni (ITA) e Guillaume Mondet (FRA) werte placed.

Melanie Sandoz (FRA) was the best female semifinal. Anna Gallinova was the second.

In the final run the best male was the french Guillaume Mondet, he was the only one to do the TOP.

Moroni (ITA) has done a great job coming in second position. Sean McCool, who was the best in the semifinal, was in third position.

The best female was the italian Jenny Lavarda.


I was one of the route setters (together Alberto Gnerro and Leo di Marino) and now i’m very happy for the show.

The athletes have done a big show on our boulder routes

I was also the official photographer.

Look the pictures!

photocrati gallery

©Luca Parisse Risk4Sport



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