Crossing “Vado di Corno”: a classical end of season mtb downhill

luca parisse
bike check up – eos 5d mkiii + 50mm f1,2; 1/1250 f1,8 iso 100

The classical autumn downhill mtb could not miss!
We chose the long crossing of “Vado di Corno”. Vado di Corno (1924m slm) is located about 30 minutes from the road to Campo Imperatore (AQ).
I took the opportunity to test the new photo equipment: Canon Eos 5d mkiii and the lens 50mm f1,2L and 90mm f2,8 ts-e


On the way to “Vado di Corno” – Eos 5d mkiii + 90mm ts-e; 1/400 f5 iso 100 shift +8


The weather in not good! It was the same of the last year, incredible!
A sea of fog was waiting for us on the slopes of Gran Sasso overlooking the sea.
The wet ground made driving very difficult.


Lorenzo riding, in the back the “Corno Grande 2914m slm” mountain – Canon eos 5d mkiii + ef 35mm f1,4; 1/4000 f1,4 iso 100

We made the most fantastic falls on the deep layer of dry leaves!
incredible! in the forest was almost a meter of leaves!
The ride was fun despite the fog and mud great!

Maurizio riding the leafs – Canon eos 5d mkiii + 35mm f1,4L; 1/160 f1,4 iso 100

At the end of the long descent, in a small village, we washed the mountainbike from the mud!
Maurizio was very happy for his car!

The long descent was over. We left “Vado di Corno” and arrived in Isola del Gran Sasso (TE) at 498 m . The descent was 1426m!

back to civilization – Canon Eos 5d mkiii + 35mm f1,4L; 1/500 f1,6 iso 200

We were very hungry, but as usual no restaurant open for us … it was too late for lunch!
After a fast drink we back to Campo Imperatore to resume the car, but when we go down we meet a dense fog, I had never seen such a thing! Our speed is about 20km/h, is impossible to go fast.
I’m at my home finally to edit photos and I see with pleasure those moments with my friends!

about the equipment:

i’m very happy for the new camera.

The 5d mark iii has a very fast shutter, just tap the button to take the picture!
The autofocus system is very fast and accurate, even in low light.

All photos of action that I shot (servo mode) are in sharp focus. Even with large apertures!

I love the 61 focus point!

The two lenses are very funny. The 50mm 1.2 has a pleasant boken and is very fast in focus. The 90mm tilt and shift is very clear and very creative

But the best lens i used is the canon ef 35mm f1,4. I love this lens: it has no defects and is the best lens for mtb and reportage shoots

The equipment was well protected inside my backpack f-stop Loka. Not a drop of water has washed my things! thanks to my partner f-stop gear for a very professional equipment.

enjoy it!

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