Risk4Sport Team


Luca Parisse Risk4Sport Owner, photographer, art director.

Who is Luca

He is not just a photographer – he is a sportive that made his passion a work.

Climbing, mtb, freeride ski, trail running are the sports that Luca  play and loves to photograph.

He founded Risk4Sport after a journey in Akakus Desert (2007) where he followed a group of crazy runners. Now his agency is one of the most specialized in mountain sports and outdoor activities.

In the past Luca competes to Chamonix World Climbing Championship as member of Italian Team; it was an important experience also for his career as photographer, to telling through the images for a sporting event is necessary to know well that world.

Not only sports photography but also big shows and ceremonies around the worlds are another kind of photography he loves;

He takes part as official photographer at London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 olympic ceremonies and other big live events around the world.

Luca loves cooking and now he are studying to take food pictures as well as possible.

A food gallery will be online on this site soon!

His maxim is: to shoot a great photos you need to know the subject as well as you know yours house.

Roberto Parisse Risk4Sport  senior video editor, video maker .

Who is Roberto

Roberto Parisse was born in L’Aquila on December 29th, 1979.

He lives in L’Aquila where he works as a professional phothographer, filmmaker and climbing and ski instructor. He is also active in organizing and promoting events related to outdoor sports in Abruzzo.

He has been a climber since he was seventeen. He was immediately able to climb high level routes up to 8b/c and he is one of the first boulderer in Italy. His devotion for rock climbing also led him to competitions where he confronted the top climbers of the bouldering era and won the Italian University Championship.

He is also a skilled freerider and in 2009 he participated in the FWT Freeride World Championship and he was ranked 1st Italian athlete in the world ranking for two consecutive seasons. Then, he left competitions to focus on teaching and developing freeride in Abruzzo.

Since more than ten years, he is a member of Risk4sport, which he cofounded togheter with his brother, Luca. Recently, he founded the 70200CollectiveStudio, a communication agency specialized in outdoor shooting and he boasts the direction of various sport videos.

He is an active collaborator and ambassador of several outdoor brands and he lives the mountain any season of the year, between work and passion. He is always searching for new challenges and adventures in a world that he catches and tells with his pictures and videos.