18th Pan American Games Opening Ceremony, Lima Perù

The Opening Ceremony “Amazing Peru!” meant to connect to the cultural and natural aspects of the country, including stories, music, myths, images, characters, traditions and flavors. As Peru is so diverse, so unique and so rich, those ingredients were just as exciting as significant for the celebrated Pan American athletes and for the audience from all over the world.

The Ceremony, that included 1933 cast members, of which 1860 volunteers and 2350 costumes, was designed by the best Peruvian creatives, hand in hand with the Balich Worldwide Shows international team. For this reason, it gave new and varied points of view: those of young and hopeful Peruvians, and those of a world that is ready to see, listen and live what that great country has to offer. The Ceremony depicted the past and the present of a country in which nature and culture intertwine, waving in a great fabric. An immensely sophisticated country where the Amazon rainforest was born and the first civilization of the Americas emerged.

The set design was based on the concept of duality and contained references to Peru’s natural elements and cultural heritage. The natural world was reflected in the set’s main feature: a sculptural rendition of the Nevado Pariacaca, the sacred mountain of Lima, with the cliffs at the bottom, and the Amazon river crossing the field of play. Peru’s culture was represented by its oldest and most recent civilizations from the pre-Hispanic period: the Caral-Supe with the temple of Caral and the Inca with the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. The two stages on the sides of the mountain hosted both the Country’s and the Games’ flags. The speech on stage was a reference to the many huacas (monuments) that have been built by pre-Hispanic Peruvians over the centuries. The base of the mountain, which measured more than 20 metres high and 35 metres wide, represented both the Pacific and Lake Titicaca and its lines met in 49 points, representing the languages of Peru.

The Ceremony, held at the National Stadium, counted 280 hours of rehearsals and 230 production team members from 17 Nationalities, not to mention the approximately 4700 athletes from the 41 Nations taking part in the Lima 2019 who were involved in the parade.


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